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Scissor Sisters


Scissor Sisters


Polydor UK


Scissor Sisters CD coverThe debut record of New York's Scissor Sisters will surprise people. The band sound a whole lot like vintage Elton John on some songs, and have the Bee Gees styled falsetto duel vocals on others.

The songs themselves are strong, and there are are musical nods to many quality bands of the past, including 10cc and Jobriath. Something about the band reminds me of the Liverpool band Ooberman, who were a bit like Super Furry Animals. Ooberman used graphics kind of like Scissor sisters fantasy inspired covers, and were a determined band whose popularity came from the grass roots - fans who visited their website and went to their shows.

Other bands that Scissor sisters make me thing of are The Mumps, Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, and Brett Smiley.

Scissor Sisters have a big sound. One of the band members does all their recording (bass player Baby Daddy), and he has the golden touch. The band could be mistaken for a mainstream act by someone who only looks at the surface.

Scissor Sisters appeared seemingly out of nowhere with a City Rockers contract and a great name. Fact is, they had released a few singles on the label A Touch Of Class. Tiga used Jake shears as the vocalist on his Hot In Herre single. But City Rockers went under, and Scissor Sisters as a result had time to really develop their sound. Though their sound uses borrowed elements, they have reassembled the past in a way not quite like anyone before them.

I really like this band, and am well pleased with this record.

  1. Laura
    Their first single for Polydor.
  2. Take Your Mama Out
    Kind of like Elton John circa Get Back Honky Cat.
  3. Comfortably Numb
    Their second single for Polydor.
  4. Mary
    Like Elton John in his 'Caribou' period. The song has the tingle of AM radio magic, particularly the "oh a woah a woah" break.
  5. Lovers In The Backseat
    A bit of Supertramp sound.
  6. Tits On The Radio
    This one bops, opening with a bass part almost like a song from the first Tubeway Army album. The chorus goes into the Bee Gee styled voice.
  7. Filthy/Gorgeous
    Probably my least favorite track on the record.
  8. Music Is The Victim
    The vocals sound like Elton John, the music sounds like INXS. Not one of my favorites either.
  9. Better Luck Next Time
    The music has a part that sounds like the Cantina scene in the first Star Wars movie. Aside from that it is fairly average and not one of my faves.
  10. It Can't Come Quickly Enough
    The melody near the beginning takes a sideways look at the Beach Boys California Girls. As the song goes on it becomes a bit Elton-ish.
  11. Return To Oz
    The vocal reminds me of The Kinks Lola just a little bit, and remind me of Ooberman at others. Very lush, with a solo right out of the Bill Nelson Be Bop Deluxe songbook.
  12. A Message From Ms Matronic
    A short spoken break that tells you that the UK only bonus tracks are about to begin.
  13. The Skins
    The bassline is out of the Trevor Jackson Playgroup school - if this really is a UK only track then you have to seek out the UK version to get this. The trebly funky strummed guitar reminds me of Haircut One Hundred. Very upbeat, and one of my favorites.
  14. Get It Get It
    Another song worth getting. This one moves forward with a quick beat and 80s electropop feel. I'll bet these bonus tracks were left off the album because they wanted to avoid any association with Electroclash.

---Carl, March 2, 2004