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A Touch Of Class Sucks


A Touch Of Class Sucks


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A Touch Of Class Sucks CD coverA Touch Of Class are New York based DJs Oliver Stumm and Dominique Clausen.

They produced A.R.E. Weapons, and were the first ones to to release anything from Scissor Sisters. in fact, ATOC have released three 12inch records from Scissor Sisters.

This compilation has a disco feel throughout, and reminds me a little of the Young Sound Of New York comp, or the Superstonic Music comp 'Our Associates.' In fact, when I just went to Superstonic's Web site to set up a link, the music in the splash screen perfectly synched with Strange Sounds, which was playing at the time on my stereo.

This compilation is not an obvious jewel. in fact, the immediate impression is that all the songs sound the same, and they are too disco for electro fans and too electro for disco fans, and too everything for rock fans. But just playing this and leaving it alone will cause the charms of the disc to find you, causing you to pick up the disk and ask yourself "what song is this?" on more than one occasion.

The track I would point rock fans to is Ride On by The Fox. The song really cooks, and has that DFA discopunk thing going with a heavy rose of indie and rock (not indie rock),

The track I would point people who love many types of music and like to listen to music with beats at home is Waldorf's You're My Disco. It is so smooth - sophisticated without being smug.

The track I would tell my friends to play because we like upbeat party music is Hi Fi Serious Because. It is the best use of a Beatles song I have ever heard.

  1. Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb (dub remix)
    A very different mix of their Pink Floyd cover than appears on the single and record (and also later in on this comp).
  2. A.R.E. Weapons - Streetgang (atoc remix)
  3. Manuel Mind & Valentino Tomasi - Strange Sounds
    (atoc's robot remix)
    The vocals sound like the guy has his nose plugged, making it kind of like a goofy parallel of Scissor Sister's helium vocal Bee Gee's thing.
  4. Hi Fi Serious - Because (a touch of class dub)
    My favorite track on the record. Fantastic Plastic Machine included this track on his 'Sound Concierge 402: Four Kicks Adventure' mix record. The Beatles song Because is made part of a very sharp sounding electronic track. It is worth buying this disc for this track alone!
  5. Klein & MBO - Dirty Talk (a touch of class re-edit)
    From 1987. Klein & MBO really had the italo-disco sound down. If you want to hear more, their song Wonderful is on New Religion's 'A Secret History' comp.
  6. The Ones - Flawless (italo disco mix)
    Treated vocals, and a feel similar to Larry Tee's recordings.
  7. Waldorf - Fashionist
    The names of fashion houses are chanted like a gregorian chant before the name checking continues into a rocking song. The idea is the same as Something J and DJ Maxximus used on their 'Mercedes Bentley / Versace Armani' single for Positiva in 2001.
  8. Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb (original)
    I love their version of the Pink Floyd song, particularly since seeing the video to it, with the pulsing jellyfish.
  9. Waldorf - You're My Disco
    Comparable in style to Borneo & Sporenburg or Closer Musik.
  10. The Fox - Ride On (atoc disco dub)
    This song will be a favorite of rockers. It crosses the sound of !!! with riot grrrl craziness. It is a killer track, by the way!
  11. A Touch Of Class - Start It Up
    A remix of an A.R.E. Weapons song that I really like. No one will remember them, but this one reminds me SO MUCH of the 1979 Newcastle band Punishment of Luxury (or Punilux as they were later known), who combined Devo-like angular music with synthpop and heavy guitars.
  12. Secret Weapons - Bumps (vocal mix)
    A song about sniffing coke and being out of control in the big city (yawn). the music is actually really good, but the message doesn't speak to me. The part about women being "gucci robots" is a bit cliche and demeaning as well Sample lyrics: "No one ever looks up in the city, the city - they're getting hit be falling bricks, a pity, a pity."
  13. A Touch Of Class - Not You-Me!
  14. A Touch Of Class - Streetdub
  15. Pop Deluxe - More Future

---Carl, March 2, 2004