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March 2, 2004

A Touch Of Class Sucks

various artists
label:: A Touch Of Class Recordings

A Touch Of Class are New York based DJs Oliver Stumm and Dominique Clausen.

This compilation has a disco feel throughout, and reminds me a little of the 'Young Sound Of New York' comp

The Fall

title:: Country on the Click
label:: Action Records

The Fall have been on a roll lately, releasing album after album at a pace almost equal to Billy Childish a few years ago.

The high quality of these records is responsible for the new fans, not any new attention through the press or fashion, though The Fall's music fits in well with contemporary downtown dissonance.

Scissor Sisters

title:: Scissor Sisters
label:: Polydor UK

The debut record of New York's Scissor Sisters will surprise people. The band sound a whole lot like vintage Elton John on some songs, and have the Bee Gees styled falsetto duel vocals on others.

The songs themselves are strong, and there are are musical nods to many quality bands of the past, including 10cc and Jobriath.

94 Baker Street

various artists
label:: RPM

This time around, RPM Records takes a look at the Beatles' publishing company Apple Music Publishing, a company the fab four started in the 1967-1968 time period when they realized the potential in the music publishing business.