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Scissor Sisters


Comfortably Numb




Scissor Sisters CD5 coverI never thought I would like a late-period Pink Floyd cover, but here it is, and I love it.

Scissor Sisters have a big budget sound and style, but are still a band of the underground, and a great new act I have enjoyed following.

I first heard vocalist Jake Shears on the Tiga Hot In Herre single, then the band on their first single 'Laura.' The band also contributed a track from their self-titled LP to the 'Party Monster' soundtrack (It Can't Come Quickly Enough). This second single makes me pretty confident that I will be liking them for some time to come, even though the band seem closer to the feeling of the short lived New Romantic movement of the 80s than anything else.

Comfortably Numb appeared on the 'Hotel Peleroco' compilation, and now appears (along with a guitar heavy 'dub version') on the new 'A Touch of Class Sucks' compilation.

The new version of Comfortably Numb can piss off people with its disco beat and BeeGees styled duet vocals of Jake Shears and Ana Matronic, but it is not a goof - the version is reverent of the original. The old Scissor Sisters version had lots of guitar. The new one has lots of studio gloss.

The second track on the single is a Norman Cook remix of the track called the 'Fatboy Extended Mix.' His treatment keeps the vocals, and adds a half minute to the song.

The third track is Rock My Spot (Crevice Canyon). I'm not crazy about this song. It has mock audience sounds as if it is a live track, but is was recorded in a studio. There is a lot of piano and and a late 70s AM radio feel to it, almost like Elton John. The fake audience sounds reminded me to mention one thing I like about this band - they ARE a band, and they play live instruments and play out.

The CD single also includes a video for Comfortably Numb. I really like the video. It has Jake and Ana singing to each other underwater. Man-o-war jellyfish pulse in disco-fied lights to the music, and the sparkling shimmers of underwater all become a glittering carpet of light.

I really hope that this band manage to stay this good as more stuff gets released.

---Carl, February 10, 2004