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Scissor Sisters


Take Your Mama


Polydor Records


Scissor Sisters CD5 cover'Take Your Mama' is the third Scissor Sister single for Polydor. It is the first single to have come out after the full length.

Take Your Mama is one of the tracks from their self-titled full length which sound like classic 70s Elton John.

This single is my least favorite Scissor sisters release because it only has two songs, and one is the same version as appears on the record.

The band must be trying to crack the UK singles chart, with all of its arcane rules about the length of the single in order to qualify it as a single for the charts.

It is good and fine that Scissor sisters managed to put together a release that was less than 10 minutes long for the charts, but what about us fans? The font on the CD cover bearing the track list is so small that I couldn't even see that I was only buying one new song with this single.

The Backwoods Discotheque, pt. II is a good track. It goes a ways towards making me like this single, but I still feel cheated with this one.

Take Your Mama is one of my favorite songs from their record. It has a sound that could bring it into the pop charts. There is a 70s rock feel, complete with boogie guitar solos and piano throughout.

The Backwoods Discotheque, pt. II has music that sounds a bit like either David Bowie Fame or Stevie Wonder Superstitious. Jake Shear's lyrics tell a story that makes me imagine Ed Bloom finding a discotheque in Spectre, the strange town in the middle of the woods in the film Big Fish.

I like the song a lot, but wish that the band had sided with fans instead of the charts, and had included a lot more music on this disc, even if it was a series of remixes.

---Carl, April 27, 2004