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Scissor Sisters






Safety Scissors CD5 coverThe debut single by a New York band that dress like New Romantics and play pop-disco like a younger Michael Jackson.

The band is fronted by Jake Shears, who sang on the Tiga Hot In Herre single.

Scissor Sisters were on the verge of breaking out a year ago when they were signed to the City Rockers label. However, just as their Comfortably Numb single (a Pink Floyd cover) was about to come out, city rockers funding was pulled by mother label Ministry of Sound.

Now Scissor Sisters have a major label contract in England on Polydor, and have distanced themselves from the expired Electroclash scene. They describe their influences as Bowie, Roxy Music, Elton John, and Giorgio Moroder.

Laura carries the Elton John flag high, particularly due to the piano and camp rock stylings on the track. There are 2 mixes of the song on the single. The second mix is the City H-Fi Vocal Mix.

Available (For You) is my favorite song on the single. I think it sounds like Bee Gees or Michael Jackson (mostly the vocals on both counts), while my gullbuy partner Patrick says Kylie Minogue. What we both agree on is that it is better than those comparisons make it sound, and that the music struts like there is no tomorrow.

The single closes out with a video of Laura that reminds me of the drag shows at Boston bar Jacques. This band is sincere is what they do, and is not afraid to enjoy themselves and have fun.

I like this band a LOT and am looking forward to hearing their self-titled full length later this month.

---Carl, January 6, 2004