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January 6, 2004

Deadly Weapons

title:: You're So Selfish
label:: Rapid Pulse Records

Deadly Weapons play hardcore that sounds like 80s bands Discharge or The Varukers, except for the distinctive vocals of Tina Lucchesi, who also sang in Bobbyteens, Tina & the Total Babes and Trashwoman.

The single features two originals and a cover of the GG Allin song Don't Talk To Me.

The Door and the Window

title:: Detailed Twang
label:: Overground Records

English no wave from the early 80s, from a time when The Pop Group were gaining momentum, and The Desperate Bicycles (two obvious references) were crashing.

Detailed Twang is a re-issue of a 1980 full length of the same name, with eleven bonus tracks added in. The Door and the Window started a band without having any musical talent (or desire to gain so) whatsoever. All they had was the energy of creation, some equipment, and inertia from playing opening slots with bands they idolized.

Golden Earring

title:: Just Earrings
label:: Universal Music Holland

The Netherlands' Golden Earring are best known in the USA for their mid-1970s FM radio hit Radar Love and the early 1980s hit The Twilight Zone, but they had been going strong since the early 1960s in their homeland. Golden Earring was one of the many bands world-wide emulating the beat group phenomenon that rocked the world following the British explosion in 1964. Following in the wake of bands like The Beatles, The Searchers, and The Who, Golden Earring have gorgeously strummed guitars with the flurried rhythms and strident vocal harmonies beat groups employed back in the day. What set them apart from most beat groups is the fact that they wrote most of their own material.

Just Earrings is a cd version (originally reissued in 2002) of their first album from 1965, recorded when they were known as The Golden Earrings. The album is complimented with 6 bonus tracks, recorded between 1965 and 1968, and these tracks add a lot to illustrate Golden Earring's early sound.

I Like It

various artists
label:: Compost Records

An idea that seems more geared for the vinyl age has finally come to be on Compost Records' I Like It - Vol. 1. The label asked 4 people - DJ Hell (from the International Deejay Gigolos label), Peter Kruder (from Kruder & Dorfmeister and G-stone), Michael Reinboth (owner of Compost) and Theo Thönessen (Into Somethin')- to pick 4 tracks each, with no restrictions on what these 4 tracks have to do with anything, just as longs as the tracks are classic, unique or favorites.

An interesting idea which works for the crate digger and DJ, as well as those curious listeners interested in the unique vision of the folks who picked the music - and those that are spotlighted on I Like It - a series which I believe will continue to grow. Compost are telling us - there's just as much great music behind us as there is happening around us.

Scissor Sisters

title:: Laura
label:: Polydor

The debut single by a New York band that dress like New Romantics and play pop-disco like a younger Michael Jackson. The band is fronted by Jake Shears, who sang on the Tiga Hot In Herre single.

They describe their influences as Bowie, Roxy Music, Elton John, and Giorgio Moroder. Laura carries the Elton John flag high, particularly due to the piano and camp rock stylings on the track. Available (For You) is my favorite song on the single. I think it sounds like Bee Gees or Michael Jackson (mostly the vocals on both counts).

The Wasps

title:: Punkryonics
label:: Overground Records

The Wasps reissue on Overground Records is just the kind of teenage punk treat I like to hear - and similar to Damaged Goods' reissue of the UK punk collection from 1977, Raw Deal. At a time when the music climate was changing from month to month (what's in today is out tomorrow), The Wasps' music recorded between 1977 and 1979 not only stands up today, but it also has some down-right classic moments which must've rocked back in the day.

Punkryonics culls the classic punk rock single tracks Teenage Treats and She Made Magic, demos of JJJenny (how this one remained unreleased until now is a mystery, it's a killer punk rock track), Run Run Angelica and Rubber Cars (later recorded for an RCA single), and a caustic live version of Can't Wait Till '78 from the Live at the Vortex compilation (from December 1977).