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Deadly Weapons


You're So Selfish


Rapid Pulse Records


Deadly Weapons 7inch coverSecond single from Deadly Weapons, following the Backstabber 7inch on Lipstick Records.

Deadly Weapons play hardcore that sounds like 80s bands Discharge or The Varukers, except for the distinctive vocals of Tina Lucchesi, who also sang in Bobbyteens, Tina & the Total Babes and Trashwoman.

Because of Tina's vocals, the band sounds a bit like Abrasive Wheels, or Vice Squad (with the equally distinctive voice of Beki Bondage).

You're So Selfish has thick mid-paced guitar (like Motorhead) and a shambling rhythm that moves at a faster pace. It is my favorite track on the single.

You Wreck Me sounds like hardcore circa 1984. It has the fast "1-2" drum beat and it races along as fast as can be.

After the two originals is a cover of the GG Allin song Don't Talk To Me. I like the bass solo in the song, and the fact that you can play this on the radio (unlike most GG Allin songs).

---Carl, January 6, 2004