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Tina & the Total Babes


She's So Tuff


Sympathy For The Record Industry


Image: Tina and the Total BabesA few weeks ago I wrote about a band called Candygirl with a 7" on the Lipstick label.

Well, this Tina & the Total Babes is fronted by Lipstick honcho Tina Lucchesi (ex-Trashwomen, Bobbyteens, Neanderdolls) and includes members of Candygirl (as well as Short Fuses and The Magnolias).

A stupendous homage to the punky power pop of the late '70s-early '80s. Originals blend seamlessly with some choice covers (including Holly & the Italians' Tell That Girl to Shut Up).

Peter L, October 16, 2001