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The Bobbyteens


Not So Sweet




The BobbyteensTina and Danielle were in The Trashwomen, Lisa was in The Spastics (with Elka from The Trashwomen -- coincidence? I think not!), and Russell was in The Mummies *and* The Phantom Surfers.

Quite the pedigree, no? This is The Bobbyteens second full-length album, released in 2000; and excepting an odds n' ends collection, it's also their most recent full-length.

For those of you who joining us late, The Bobbyteens play an amalgam of '70s rock, punk, and powerpop (ala Nikki & the Corvettes): tough chick vocals, trashy attitude, rockin' guitars and solid hooks.

Not So Sweet includes super toons like Do You Want Me, Young and Dumb (a Rubber City Rebels cover), Not the One and Let's Get It On (originally by The Customs).

---Peter L, February 19, 2002