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The Sound of Young New York


The Sound of Young New York



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The Sound of Young New York CD coverThe New York music scene of late is spotlighted on The Sound of Young New York, and presents one continuous DJ mix compiled by NYC party-promoter and Plant music/Plant Bar owner, Dominique Keegan. Every few years the music scene digs into its dance roots, and that is just what has been happening lately. So just as in the early 80s (when the Postcard record label gave us The Sound Of Young Scotland) and in the early 60s (when Motown gave us The Sound of Young America), New York now has become a center of a new dance music movement. From the Rapture's remix of Music Kills Me by <<Rinocerose>> to the DFA mixes of Metro Area's Orange Alert and Radio 4's Dance to the Underground, The Sound of Young New York is a steady, intriguing mix of the disco punk that has emerged in recent years. It's an addictive mix as well, with a perfect mix of rocking tracks and disco pounders to sustain repeated spins.

Emerging after numerous listens, favorites of mine include the Sex Pistols meet Divine rant of Syrup's If I Gave You a Party - this song evokes images of late night disco mayhem. This merges perfectly with the next track by Radio 4 -Sound of the Underground (the DFA mix) - I love the propulsive rhythm and slapping percussion which is added to by the sublime saxophone. When the synths and sax meet, it's like a jazzier New Order. It's gotten me curious to hear more by Radio 4, especially since this is an instrumental offering, I want to hear something with vocals soon.

The other clear cut favorite of mine is Die Sleeping by Kap 10 Kurt. This song has that dreamy electronic female vocal sound that impulsively pulls you in. The rhythm drops out and starts up again like that moment you see someone across the dancefloor that you are inextricably attracted to, someone who looks like someone from your past you thought you were over.

I found myself backtracking this disc to hear songs I had already heard before, it's got that kind of pull to it. Here's hoping we can enjoy this disc's way of life in real time, a life embodied by the sound of young New York every night of our lives.

---Patrick, September 30, 2003