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Kieren Remixed




Shinto 12inch coverShinto is a duo consisting of Austrian Hans Platzgumer and Japanese Cami Tokujiro, and they get the remix treatment on this 12 inch single with 5 different mixes of Kieren.

The A-side is called the Tokyo Side and includes two remixes by Yoshihiro Sawasaki and Leopaldon. The B-side is called the Europe Side and includes 3 mixes by Koneko & Electronicat, Diska, and e.stonji.

For me, the hands down best mix here is the Electronicat mix with female vocals by Koneko from Queen of Japan (also known for their electro cover of Kiss' I Was Made for Loving You). This mix has the Plastic Bertrand electro sound which is so amazing right now, and blows away all of the other male vocal house tracks on this remix single.

---Patrick, September 30, 2003