gullbuy music review

September 30, 2003

  • Brainfreezebreaks

    artist:: DJ Shadow
    label:: none

    If you ever wondered where DJs and rappers got their funky drummer beats they sample, then Brainfreeze Breaks is a good place to start to find out.

    Brainfreeze Breaks compiles a bevy of rare and obscure funk 45s from the 60s and 70s, all of these 45s were used in the Brainfreeze DJ mix by DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist and are gathered here in their full length versions.

  • The Dark Side of Disco vol. 1

    various artists
    label:: none

    The Dark Side of Disco vol. 1 is a well thought out double LP (vinyl only) compilation of early 80s tracks on an anonymous label. Contained are songs that tie in with the punk disco sounds of Brooklyn's DFA label and Trevor Jackson's London label Output Recordings.

    There are three very well known tracks and nine less known cuts. For me, the lesser known cuts are the gems.

  • Punk Disco Beat vol. 1

    various artists
    label:: none

    Punk Disco Beat vol. 1 seems to be put out by the same people who did The Dark Side of Disco vol. 1.

    This record is a white dj sleeved 12inch with 4 songs. There no record label identified on the 12inch. The performers of the songs are not identified either. The bands are the Slits, Dance, Pylon, and Glaxo Babies. Despite the seeming sneakiness of this package, the tunes are great.

  • Shinto

    title:: Kieren Remixed
    label:: EchoKammer

    Shinto is a duo consisting of Austrian Hans Platzgumer and Japanese Cami Tokujiro, and they get the remix treatment on this 12 inch single with 5 different mixes of Kieren.

    For me, the hands down best mix here is the Electronicat mix with female vocals by Koneko from Queen of Japan (also known for their electro cover of Kiss' I Was Made for Loving You).

  • The Sound of Young New York

    various artists
    label:: Plant

    The New York music scene of late is spotlighted on The Sound of Young New York, and presents one continuous DJ mix compiled by NYC party-promoter and Plant music/Plant Bar owner, Dominique Keegan.

    Every few years the music scene digs into its dance roots, and that is just what has been happening lately. So just as in the early 80s (when the Postcard record label gave us The Sound Of Young Scotland) and in the early 60s (when Motown gave us The Sound of Young America), New York now has become a center of a new dance music movement.