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May 7, 2002

  • The dB's

    The dB's

    CD / Stands For Decibels/Repercussion / Collector's Choice

    The dB's will be an amazing find today for anyone who followed the Elephant 6 sound and loves a twisted take on pop. Chris Stamey and Peter Holsapple both were great writers who sang the songs they wrote. As a result The dB's have two sounds, depending on who is singing. The joy of it is that both sounds are excellent, and each harmonize with the other.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Dead Boys

    Dead Boys

    LP / 3rd Generation Nation / Bad Boy Records
    '3rd Generation Nation' is a re-EQ'd mix of the pre-EQ'd session, bringing some of the energy and spirit that was the band out front where it belongs. The LP has a great sleeve, fantastic pink/red spattered vinyl, and a good pressing. The versions sound very similar to the ones on the original record, but the vocals might have a little more bite without the compression used on the original album.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Generation X

    Generation X

    CD / Generation X + 6 / Chrysalis UK

    Generation X were not afraid of pop. They used great melodies with their quick tunes and tight changes, plus had a vocalist with a traditionally good voice, as opposed to a band like The Clash, whose melodies carried despite the voice of Joe Strummer.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Helen Love

    Helen Love

    one-sided 7inch / Merry Christmas I Don't Wanna Fight / Damaged Goods

    I love Helen Love and I love the Ramones and I love Christmas songs. How could I not love this record? Answer: I DO love this record.
    [read more] ---Peter

  • Le Shok

    Le Shok

    7inch / S&M single: I Want The Beat b-w White Outs + on the cover of the single is No Fun At The Beaches / Slamdance Cosmopolis

    Apparently fledgling label Slamdance Cosmopolis has a gimmick. On both of their two releases (7s one and all), there is a bonus track pressed into the cover of the record. And the song on the cover of the record is a COVER SONG. Geddit?
    [read more] ---Peter

  • Stockholm Monsters

    Stockholm Monsters

    CD / All At Once (Singles 1981 - 1987) / LTM

    For the first time the single releases of the Stockholm Monsters have been issued in a remastered format on CD. This is another band on the legendary Factory label that has been negelected-until now. The band largely created pop songs around an organ and drum backing, occasionally adding piano or horn.
    [read more] ---George F. Kilgoar III