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December 10, 2002

  • Cherrystones Rocks

    Cherrystone's Rocks

    CD / various / Lo Recordings

    Compilation of favorite late 60s tunes chosen by Manchester's Gareth Goddard aka Cherrystones, who releases records on Twisted Nerve. Cherrystone's Rocks is like a mix tape of Cream styled big rock - many guitar solos and much jamming.
    [read more] ---Carl

  • Clicks & Cuts 3

    Clicks & Cuts 3

    2xCD / various / Mille Plateaux

    Mille Plateaux is an innovative label, giving us some great music in the clicks and cuts style. I found out about some great artists thanks to them, and I bet you will to. If nothing else, I would recommend checking out the Luomo track on disc two.
    [read more] ---Patrick Rands

  • The Clientele

    The Clientele

    7inch / "Haunted Melody" b-w "Fear of Falling" / Pointy Records

    Haunted Melody is their most self referential title. It has a lilting acoustic guitar melody woven throughout. A soft shadowy electric guitar bling surfaces about half way through. Fear of Falling has the quickest, steadiest pacing yet for The Clientele.
    [read more] ---Tina Glyptis

  • Gizmos


    CD / 1981 NYC Demos / Gulcher Records

    While very much "of the time," these recordings have aged pretty well, not sounding nearly as dated as many bands from the same period do now. I would have to say that this CD was a really pleasant surprise for me.
    [read more] ---Peter Ledebur

  • Tutto Matto

    Tutto Matto

    CD / Hot Spot / Tummy Touch

    Block party disco funk from the Italian duo Jurij Prette and Paolo Guglielmino. Big beats and songs that have both the drama and dance factor.
    [read more] ---Carl