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The Clientele


Haunted Melody b-w Fear of Falling


Pointy Records


The Clientele Side one of this single, Haunted Melody, is their most self referential title. It has a lilting acoustic guitar melody woven throughout. A soft shadowy electric guitar bling surfaces about half way through. They infuse a little tension into this song with some strong and well paced brush drumming. Alisdair's voice is an echoing dream and his free form musings become an ode.

' empty train to Battersea in glowing rain I ride...'

'Oh the music is so loud, enchanting all the faltering crowd to sing again, the lonely melody...'

'...My heart is yours and I love you, you keep my mind preserved...'

They slow down a little on the chorus that almost mentions the title before they resume the pace of the verses. I wanted to hear one more chorus, then this song would feel complete to me. But it's a sign of a good band if they leave you wanting to hear a little more.

Fear of Falling has the quickest, steadiest pacing yet for them. There is some gentle percussive punctuation between verses and they employ similar rhythm changes between verse and chorus. It has an accoustic and electric guitar splash throughout and this time the plink of a two note piano nursery rhyme that builds and adds a few more notes. They go a little faster here

'..everybody smile I can see my face inside the summer crowd..The apparition of these faces brings you in and gently puts you down...'

and slow things down there

'...talking of one bad dream the sunlight in my eyes... dawn comes so easily I never shut the lights...'

This song does feel complete and it's a good length, four minutes and change, for a single. The band stretches its collective muscles here and builds on the appealing reverie of their sound.

---Tina Glyptis, December 10, 2002