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October 15, 2002

  • Geeez n Gosh

    Geeez n' Gosh

    CD / Nobody Knows / Mille Plateaux

    Uwe Schmidt is back with his second full length as Geeez 'n' Gosh. Nobody Knows is the follow-up to My Life with Jesus, which was also released on Mille Plateaux.
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  • Hakan Lidbo

    Håkan Lidbo

    CD / Tech Couture / Poker Flat

    Tech Couture is an instrumental tech-house record that sometimes sounds similar to Antonelli Electr. Many of the tracks have interesting sounds that make you listen close
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  • The Roger Tubesound Ensemble

    The Roger Tubesound Ensemble

    CD / Plays Just Notes / Rather Interesting

    On this project Uwe Schmidt exclusively uses jazz samples for construction. Brushed drums, percussion, vibraphone, upright bass, electric keys, and piano are woven into cut 'n paste constructs that never would have crossed the mind of even the most daring jazz musician.
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  • Snow Robots 1

    Snow Robots 1

    CD / various / Suction Records

    Underground electronica robot music. While electronica is currently out of vogue, the synth-pop leanings of many of these tracks keep them from seeming out of place as we enter 2003.
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  • Snow Robots 2

    Snow Robots 2

    CD / various / Suction Records

    With more artists and more variety to choose from, I like Snow Robots 2 better than Snow Robots 1, though I REALLY like the Adult. and Lali Puna remixes on the first volume. I guess if you like one of these discs, you will want to have the other.
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