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November 20, 2001

  • 23 Skidoo reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    23 Skidoo

    title:: 7 Songs
    label::Ronin Records

    This is the first time this 1982 debut LP by 23 Skidoo has been released on CD.

    'Seven Songs' was an incredible strike to the senses when it first appeared, and it remains so today.

  • Birdie reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more


    title:: Triple Echo
    label:: It Records

    Triple Echo' is an album of lovely pop songs that focuses on combining gentle female vocal harmonies with sweet melodies and well-produced arrangements.

    Some of the additional instrumentation (flute, trumpet, Hammond organ) definitely adds to Birdie's distinctive sound.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - a tribute to The Boys reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    Satisfaction Guaranteed - a tribute to The Boys

    various artists
    label:: Action Records

    Yeah, yeah, yeah... tribute albums generally suck. Consider this CD the exception to that rule.

    Thirteen bands from across the globe pay tribute a great UK punk band - The Boys.

  • Thomas Brinkmann / Marcus Schmickler reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    Thomas Brinkmann / Marcus Schmickler

    title:: Chevrolet Corvette
    label:: Ernst Records

    A collaboration between Thomas Brinkmann and Marcus Schmickler that comes out as a very accessible 4 song (no titles given) 12inch.

    The 12inch starts off with a track that chops the sounds of drag and formula racing into a dancefloor beat electronic cut that raises the blood. In the hands of these 2 gents car racing sounds become source material for a palette they turn into exquisite synth like tones.

  • Electroclash reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more


    various artists
    label::Mogul Electro

    This review is not ready yet. The full review will be online by the end of Wednesday. Please check back!

    Birdie, Thomas Brinkmann / Marcus Schmickler, , On U Sound Box, Peaches, Resurrection, Rothko, Satisfaction Guaranteed - a tribute to The Boys, Sweet Electro, 23 Skidoo, Vitalic

  • On U Sound Box reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more

    On U Sound Box

    various artists
    label:: On U Sound

    The On U Sound record label was formed in the early-1980s by British producer Adrian Sherwood.

    On U Sound is known for it's wide ranging influence via reggae and experimental dub, and there's plenty of that to be found on the three cds included in the On-U Sound Box along with some other early 80s sounds.

  • Peaches reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more


    title:: Set It Off
    label:: Kitty-Yo

    Tobi Neumann, DJ Assault and Kid 606 take turns playing with Peaches.

    Tobi and Assault provide mixes of Set It Off, while Kid 606 who made a medley which includes the classic Peaches cut F*** The Pain Away.

  • Resurrection reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more


    various artists
    label:: Trunk Records

    Why would three British record collectors (all well known for liking the kinds of records that only British record collectors really like) want to compile a bunch of wimpy Jesus folk and anti-Satan heaviness? Well unfortunately, the answer is: they wouldn't.

    You will find a novel Christian number or two on 'Resurrection,' but this time I recommend you turn the other cheek.

  • Rothko reviewed in the gullbuy click to read more


    title:: Not Gone, But Forgotten
    label:: Lo Recordings

    This cd is comprised of tracks taken from old tapes, mini-discs and cds that were sent to the band. The majority of the tracks are unreleased (with 13 tracks, 8 unreleased), some were only played once.

    The sound quality fluctuates due to the variety of source recordings and in general this has a bootleg feeling to it, I think this is a keepsake for the Rothko fan.

  • Sweet Electro reviewed in the gullbuy
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    Sweet Electro

    various artists
    label:: It Sounds Different

    The follow-up to the 'Deep Techno' CD put out by this same label. 'Sweet Electro' has 18 songs which cover many bases, from the mellow electronic song Cathart by Isan to the Miss Kittin & The Hacker electroclash song 1982.

    This CD has received a lot of play in my home and car, and I think it is one of the better collections out there on the market.

  • Vitalic reviewed in the gullbuy
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    title:: Poney EP
    label:: International DeeJay Gigolo Records

    The music on the A-side is mostly instrumental Giorgio Moroder styled pulsing synth 4/4 beat electro.

    The steadiness of the tracks on the A-side is replaced on the flip by a warped synth that modulates in tone, adding a warped feel to the cuts. It is a disorientation that fits the tracks like a glove.