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Triple Echo


It Records


Birdie reviewed in the gullbuyCurrently based in London, Birdie is Debsey Wykes (ex-Dolly Mixture & occasional St Etienne vocalist) and Paul Kelly (ex-East Village).

'Triple Echo' is a new album of lovely pop songs that focuses on combining gentle female vocal harmonies with sweet melodies and well-produced arrangements. Some of the additional instrumentation (flute, trumpet, Hammond organ) definitely adds to Birdie's distinctive sound.

Overall, 'Triple Echo' stands out as a fine follow-up to their debut album, Some Dusty.'

Rosie's Drugstore (#3) was the immediate standout track because of the pretty vocals and charming trumpet sounds, which always win me over. For similar reasons, Sidewalk (#4) also had an immediate effect. This second single was a deservingly popular song. When I bought it, I couldn't help but sing along with the chorus even during my first listen!

The first single off the album, Such A Sound (#2), is also pretty good, but it's not as strong as Sidewalk" I enjoy the descending melody played on Debsey's electric piano best.

Blue Eyed Son (#6) starts with soft "oooooh"s and the relaxed sound of a Hammond organ. There's a stripped down, acoustic version of this song later in the album, but I prefer the first one.

Silver Line (#7), featuring an absolutely heart-warming flute melody, is about changing your life by moving away. Curiously, a couple of songs on this album are about moving away (#1,7) or leaving somebody behind (#3, #6).

Twin I Love You is a slow, simple love song which has Debsey singing the sole lyric, "Look, I'm really you" over and over again.

After many listens of this album, I realized that Birdie often likes to juxtapose cheerful sounding melodies with melancholic lyrics. Yet somehow it works!

Favs: #3,4,6,7

---Teresa, November 20, 2001