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Mogul Electro

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Electroclash reviewed in the gullbuyMogul Music Released in conjunction with the electro music festival in NYC which occurred from October 10-14, this compilation (assembled by DJ Larry Tee) features some of the lesser known artists to come out of this quickly developing music scene.

  1. Fischerspooner creates music, performances, and films about entertainment and spectacles. "The 15th" is a near carbon copy Wire cover that is also on FS's full-length album, '#1.'
  2. Memoryboy-New wave electro disco at its best, and very close sounding to I-F/Parallax Corporation. I've already received a lot of positive feedback from listeners about this song. Serotonin's John Selway, who wrote and produced it, discovered Memoryboy. There is a self-released 12" out and I can't wait to hear more!
  3. A.R.E. Weapons-This 3 piece group creates super-aggressive sounds which correlate with their chaotic, in-your-face performances. One of the members once admitted in Dazed & Confused magazine, "We literally set out to be Suicide - because that's where the punk and the disco meet."
  4. Morplay ( a gay and lesbian electro-rap duo originally from Worcester! They ditched the Boston suburb for NYC in order to polish their hip-hop rap style, which will definitely appeal to fans of DJ Assault, Peaches and Gonzalez.
  5. Soviet (www.sovietmusic)-new wave synth pop sort of reminds me of Depeche Mode, Simple Minds and Boston's Lifestyle & Freezepop.
  6. Badd Inc.-Featuring DJ Larry Tee at the helm, Badd Inc. is a collective of ultra-glamorous transsexuals and performance artists. The vocalist on this track (Tobell von Cartier) sounds exactly like Ru Paul (which is not surprising since Larry Tee wrote the Ru Paul mega hit "Supermodel" in '93).
  7. Khan-Khan has released 3 albums on Matador. This song definitely shows his style of mixing slick minimal beats with sexy lyrics (think Detroit Grand Pubahs). Six years ago, Khan opened a fantastic electronic music store in the Lower East Side called Temple, which I definitely recommend checking out.
  8. Bedroom Productions-Originally released on Khan's record label (El Turco Loco), this is a fun, upbeat track by DJ Snax that's full of neat samples.
  9. Linda Lamb-A surprisingly lackluster contribution from a singer on DJ Hell's International Dee Jay Gigolo label.
  10. Sneaky Peter and Crazy Timmy-One of the best tracks on this comp. It has a great combination of energetic, catchy electro beats and the dark, reverberating vocals of a man calling out, "Lassie! Lassie!" Excellent!
  11. Robbie D.-Similar to track 7, this song contains lots of fast beats and sexy vocals.
  12. Key Kommand-Mixes pounding drum beats with what seems to be a deliberately poor recording of a telephone is similar to Chicks On Speed.
  13. Mona Trona-I'm not really crazy about the vocals of performance artist Mona Trona, but I like the music which would have easily fit onto the Input 64 (Commodore 64 Game Music) comp that was released earlier this year.
  14. Stalker 7-This song would have been more enjoyable if Stalker 7 just kept the music and didn't feature the vocal sample of somebody saying "Chloe" over and over again, which gets annoying.
  15. Centuries-In a way, this duo has a similar attitude as A.R.E. Weapons without the loud, violent guitars. It starts with city noises (sirens and car horns) and then delves into a frenzied sound with discordant vocals.
  16. Rubber Hand-Synth dance pop about the power of a dj to make people dance. Makes fun of the stereotype that electronic music has no soul: "Take your rock n roll / trade it in for soul tonight." Great robo vocal effects.

FAVs: 1,2,4,5,10,12

---Teresa, November 20, 2001