Thomas Brinkmann / Marcus Schmickler - Chevrolet Corvette

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Thomas Brinkmann / Marcus Schmickler


Chevrolet Corvette


Ernst Records


Thomas Brinkmann / Marcus Schmickler reviewed in the gullbuyA collaboration between Thomas Brinkmann and Marcus Schmickler that comes out as a very accessible 4 song (no titles given) 12inch.

The 12inch starts off with a track that chops the sounds of drag and formula racing into a dancefloor beat electronic cut that raises the blood (as racing sounds ALWAYS do, at least to me!). In the hands of these 2 gents car racing sounds become source material for a palette they turn into exquisite synth like tones.

The second cut on the A-side takes the first cut and homogenizes it, smoothing out the edges and making it sound like a more conventional electronic track with beats, though the electronics are made up of sounds sampled from the cars. The actual instances of car sounds are removed and the beat is given priority in the mix. I prefer the first version by far.

On the B-side we are back to racing sounds in their glory, only now the car sounds are slightly treated so that at times they sound more like UFOs than cars. Actual race announcers keep up firmly seated in the four wheeled world through this short track.

The final cut on the 12inch is the showcase. Madonna's Music is used in the cut along with the now familiar car sounds. The end result is a killer track that will be enjoyed by any fans of Brinkmann's Soul Center project. Too bad he didn't make it a scratch 'n sniff sleeve smelling of rubber, like Stiff Records did in the early 80's for their Akron Ohio compilation in the days of Rachel Sweet, Devo, and Tin Huey. Now that would be music!

---Carl, November 20, 2001