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Set It Off




Peaches reviewed in the gullbuyVery fine 3 track single. This is the first single by Peaches. Yes, she has an LP, an EP, and many appearances on other peoples records (Gonzales, Playgroup, Louie Austin), but she has always presented a bit of a difficulty for Kitty-Yo, as all her best songs are unplayable on the radio!

Peaches handed her song Set It Off (the original is indeed unplayable on radio) to 3 killer artists to tool with.

Tobi Neumann (who has performed magic on many a Chicks On Speed track) handed back the mix Peaches needed. He changed "motherf***ers want to get with me, lay with me, love with me, all right" to "mothersfathers want to get with me, lay with me, love with me, all right" and made the cut unstoppable. THIS is the cut to play on your radio show.

Of course DJ Assault did not do any such thing. His mix of Set It Off seems to amplify the unplayable lyric by drawing attention to it. All he did for his mix is took the original track and literally sped up the tape, also adding a bit of beat with his signature drum machine. He turns Peaches into one of his Detroit Bootie girls in one flick of the speed dial!

The final remitter is Kid 606. Kid 606 did a great medley for this single, but it still has several reasons it should not be played on the radio. He uses several sources for his mix, including Joan Diet's version of Lou Reed's Rock n' Roll. The Peaches song he cements all this into is F*** The Pain Away which remains unplayable for all the same reason it always has.

The teaches of Peaches continue...

---Carl, November 20, 2001