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Not Gone, But Forgotten


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Rothko reviewed in the gullbuy'Not Gone, Not Forgotten' is a live recording by this trio of bassplayers out of the UK.

Rothko, named after the minimalist painter known for his large textures in his paintings which combined expansive areas with fields of simple color, put to music what the painter put to canvas.

The three basses come together seamlessly and bring to mind how Tortoise utilized the electric bass as a lead instrument. This cd is comprised of tracks taken from old tapes, mini-discs and cds that were sent to the band.

The majority of the tracks are unreleased (with 13 tracks, 8 unreleased), some were only played once. There are two tracks Umber (Track 4) and Culzean (Track 7), from their very first show, and Old Spitafields is taken from a show in June 2001.

The sound quality fluctuates due to the variety of source recordings and in general this has a bootleg feeling to it, I think this is a keepsake for the Rothko fan.

Patrick, November 20, 2001