gullbuy music review

June 6, 2006

Ellen Allien & Apparat

title:: Orchestra of Bubbles
label:: Bpitch Control

Orchestra of Bubbles disciplines each artist by forcing Ellen Allien to spend more time honing her vocals without tweaking them later, and making Apparat be more patient and work with someone else in person rather than sending tracks through the mail.

This collaboration combines together the organic glitch of Apparat and the cold hard techno thrill of Ellen Allien in a unique way that rises above their solo releases, but still feels like labelheads rubbing their own mojos.

Creative Outlaws

various artists
label:: Trikont

Creative Outlaws: US Underground 1962 - 1970 gaters together tracks that are political or concerned with social change, by bands that may have had success, but always were part of the music underground.

The compiation has a lot of bands whose names you may recognize, but it is not a lazy compiation pooling together the best of the major players. Every track is well-chosen, and the tracks you don't know will surely end up as your favourites on the disc.

Queer Noises 1961 - 1978: From the Closet to the Charts

various artists
label:: Trikont

Trikont has put together dozens of interesting themed compilations that always manage to dig deeper than you might expect them to, and always sound great with careful mastering, containing massive booklets filled with information in German and English.

Queer Noises 1961 - 1978: From the Closet to the Charts is a solid buy that anyone with an open mind will find plenty to like in.

Rudolph Rocker

title:: Rabbiting With Richard Dido
label:: Mook Records

The second album from this Leeds band that makes decent pop with humor and more brains then most of the top of the pop charts.

The band is named after the German born anarchist and syndicalist ( the doctrine of workers gaining control of the government/economy by a general strike) of the early 1900's.

This Heat

title:: This Heat
label:: These Records

This Heat combine an experimental tape collage sound with a more rocking sound influenced by krautrock, and other worldly sounds for a perfect hybrid of sound and experimental rock.

This album feels like a suite of music meant to be heard in one sitting even though it was recorded over a number of years, and has a variety of textures and sounds.