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June 20, 2006

Compost Black Label Series Vol 1

various artists
label:: Compost Records

Often the best music from a label is heard on their limited edition 12 inches - items that become coveted by vinyl enthusiasts, and sought after by everyone else.

This is the first in a series of cd compilations collecting together the Compost Black Label Series, and it's a compilation that's a collector's dream for those who haven't been collecting the original 12 inches.

The Dictators

title:: Manifest Destiny
label:: Wounded Bird Records

Manifest Destiny was released in 1977. Even though 1977 is usually considered to be the dawning of the punk rock age, this was the second of three LPs The Dictators put out in the 70's.

The Dictator's sound was not a total break from the past like Ramones, Richard Hell & the Voidoids, Dead Boys or Wayne County played. It was a sound rooted in the rock tradition of the 70s, when bands like Blue Oyster Cult, Good Rats and Foghat rocked Long Island.

Lesley Gore

title:: The Ultimate Collection: Start the Party Again 1963 - 1968
label:: Raven Records

Start the Party Again includes all of Lesley Gore's single releases from 1963 and 1964 and her biggest hits. Along with this, many of their b-sides are here too, including Just Let Me Cry, The Old Crowd, Run Bobby, Run, Wonder Boy, and Sometimes I Wish I Were A Boy.

These songs constitute her earliest recordings and her biggest hits, most of which are still remembered fondly today for their impeccable Quincy Jones production, and Claus Ogerman arrangements.

Punk Rock! 20 Classic Punk Bands from the Vaults of Mystic Records

various artists
label:: Mystic Records

Punk Rock! 20 Classic Punk Bands from the Vaults of Mystic Records collects tracks released on the LA low budget 80s label Mystic Records.

Mystic Records was run by Doug Moody, an industry veteran who saw a market in releasing small run singles and compilations by up and coming LA hardcore bands.