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May 26, 2006


various artists
label:: Ace Records

Beatlemaniacs is filled with tributes to the fab four in a variety of genres, including the girl group sound, girl folk, 60s psychedelia, beat music and doo-wop. Ace has even included a couple of covers.

Some of the best, most exuberant, and compelling tributes come from the girl groups and girl folk singers. Many of these were one-offs or singers trying to make a break in the business.

DJ Naughty

title:: One Naughty Night In Berlin
label:: Eskimo Recordings

DJ Naughty is Filippo Moscatello. In 2000 he release the Disco Volante CD on International DeeJay Gigolo Records and became an early player in the sound that would grow to be called Electroclash.

One Naughty Night In Berlin is a mix he did for a club in Berlin. He does a lot of voiceovers on the tracks, and changes most of the tracks so that they become something other than they start out as.

Daniel Meteo

title:: Peruments
label:: Meteosound

Daniel Meteo runs the label Meteosound, a division of the Berlin label Shitkatapult. He is known for combining bass heavy dub sounds into a Pole-like minimal electronic dub setting.

Peruments is his first album, and it is quite good. The record overall has a languid feel that may induce bouts of staring if you use it as headphone music while you work, but cranked up high at home or in a car this record will entertain.

Daniel Wang

title:: Idealism
label:: Environ

Daniel Wang's Idealism 2005 is a reissue of his debut album for Environ Records, released in 2001 which originally was a collection of Environ 12 inches.

A couple of tracks have been re-recorded and a couple of 12 inch tracks from the Nocturnes 12 inch have been added as bonus tracks to Idealism 2005. This refurbished reissue has 11 originals and one cover of the Erroll Garner song Misty.