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March 29, 2006

Betty Davis

title:: Nasty Gal
label:: MPC Records

Nasty Gal was the third album from Betty Davis. It came out in 1975 and was her first full length for Island Records

Like her other two records, Nasty Gal is a disc it is hard to dislike. The record has dirty funk with a hard rock edge.

James Friedman - Go Commando

various artists
label:: Defend Music

Starting out in the rave scene, then moving onto the party scene, Friedman stays away from the elitist DJ sound nicely, while aiming to please the partygoers' ear.

Go Commando is the first in a series of DJ mixes from Defend Music.

The Other Side: Paris - Black Strobe

various artists
label:: Time Out

Black Strobe have been given the chance to represent their city of Paris by being featured on Time Out Magazine's new series of city spotlight dual disc compilations called The Other Side.

Other cities spotlighted in this series include London (Damian Lazarus), and New York (Fischerspooner). Each compilation in the series includes a dj mix and a dvd with the dj giving a tour of hip underground spots in each city.

Stereo Total

title:: Discotheque
label:: Disko B

Discotheque is a collection of remixes and covers that have been hard-to-find and were never on CD. It is not a 'remix project' - everything on this disc is top-quality first run material.

This CD works well as a set and has a lot of good tracks on it. I recommend it!