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March 15, 2006

Electro Slash Disco

various artists
label:: Koch / Rhino

Electro Slash Disco is a compilation of underground dance music made just after the fall of disco, when outcasts of punk brought the DIY sensibility of punk into disco-oriented beats with latin percussion and electronics.

There are enough tracks you have never heard to make this a justify able purchase, but I doubt you will be playing this CD much after you have heard it a few times.

Toulouse Engelhardt

title:: Martian Lust
label:: Lost Grove Records

Martian Lust is the long awaited follow-up to Toullusions by guitarist extraordinaire Thomas L. Engelhardt (aka Toulouse Engelhardt) from the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

Martian Lust is a collection of Toulouse Engelhardt's surf meets sci-fi guitar playing on the Mosrite guitar.

The Fall

title:: The Infotainment Scan + 21
label:: Sanctuary

Originally released in 1993, The Fall's Infotainment Scan marked their split with Phonogram records.

The Fall's first major record label partnership did little to facilitate promised success. The band split from Phonogram and Infotainment was the first release after the band bailed on the majors.

Prog is not a Four Letter Word

various artists
label:: Delay 68 Records

Andy Votel from Twisted Nerve has been mining the European psychedelia, Krautrock and funky folk with his compilations like Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word and Songs in the Key of Death.

This time he centers his attention on European Prog rock from the 1970s.

The Suburbs

title:: Credit In Heaven
label:: Beejtar Records

Credit In Heaven was the 1981 second record by The Suburbs, following up their debut LP In Combo.

The Suburbs were a Minneapolis post-punk band that formed out of the punk band Suicide Commandos. Their sound was sophisticated, and their live shows were enormously popular.