gullbuy music review

March 1, 2006

Roy Budd

title:: The Stone Killer
label:: Cinephile

The Stone Killer is divided up into 3 types of sounds - groovy, jazzy and sinister sounding.

Groovy titles include the opening Main Titles theme which starts with an ominous melody (which is used throughout the whole soundtrack), but then has some sweet electric moog keyboards, funky synths and a loping backbeat.

Gentle Electric

various artists
label:: Mogul Electro

Gentle Electric finds the person who created Electroclash sporting a new sound in a post-electroclash world.

The sound is indie-pop - the kind of electronic indie-pop which has been kicking around for a decade. But that is not to say that anything is wrong here. The bands on Gentle Electric have turned in some nice tracks that are only available on this compilation.

Le Pop 3

various artists
label:: Le Pop Musik

Le Pop 3 mines a similar territory to the previous Le Pop and Le Pop En Duo compilations, bringing back some names from those earlier compilations and adding some new names along the way.

Le Pop 3 includes slices of indie pop, reggae pop, dream pop, electronic pop, orchestral pop, and some off kilter pop - all done French style.

The Suburbs

title:: In Combo
label:: Beejtar

The Suburbs were a Minneapolis post-punk band that was part of the same stable as The Residents.

In Combo is a 30 minute 13 song blast of punk attitude that came out in 1980.