gullbuy music review

February 8, 2006

Harvey Averne

title:: Fuzztone Fizzadelic
label:: Vampisoul

Harvey Averne was a latin soul-funk writer/producer with a voice like Sammy Davis Jr. and a band that knew how to swing the beat.

This 1971 CD is equally split between instrumentals and vocal tracks. There are no bad tracks on the record. It was the second record by The Harvery Averne Dozen.

The Pearls

title:: A String Of Pearls
label:: Rev-Ola

The Pearls were a girl singing duo from the UK in the 70s who combined together the retro girl group sound with a soulful glam style.

They released a slew of 45 singles which Rev-Ola have lovingly compiled on one disc along with some out takes.

The Priscillas

title:: All My Friends Are Zombies
label:: Damaged Goods

The Priscillas are an all-girl punk rock band from London.

All My Friends Are Zombies is an instant punk rock classic written in the 1977 mold. All My Friends Are Zombies has the same type of drive as the climax point of Adverts Gary Gilmore's Eyes.

Angie Reed

title:: XYZ Frequency
label:: Chicks On Speed Records

XYZ Frequency is the second full length from Angie Reed, and it is a very good record - better than the debut Angie Reed presents the best of Barbara Brockhaus.

I would recommend this album to any friend that liked offbeat dissonant rock with electronics. There are no bad songs, and lots of the record is interesting.


title:: Kyberneticka Babicka Pt 1.
title:: Plastic Mile
title:: Interlock
label:: Too Pure

For their first release after losing their contract with Elektra, Stereolab have once again rejoined the Too Pure label and released 3 limited edition 7 inch singles.

These singles include Interlock b/w Visionary Road Maps, Plastic Mile b/w I Was A Sunny Rainphase, and Kyberneticka Babicka Parts 1 and 2.