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January 18, 2006

The Fun and Games

title:: Elephant Candy
label:: Rev-Ola

Delving into bubblegum territory, Rev-Ola gives us Houston, Texas’ own The Fun and Games.

f you’re a fan of west coast sunshine pop, Curt Boettcher or Gary Usher, you’ll want to check this one out.

The Peppermint Rainbow

title:: Will You Be Staying After Sunday
label:: Collector's Choice Music

The Peppermint Rainbow from Baltimore were the ultimate 60s lounge band turned into a one hit wonder.

Their album Will You Be Staying After Sunday was a perfect slice of Mamas and Papas/Spanky and Our Gang influenced pop.

Sir Alice

title:: ?
label:: Tigersushi

Sir Alice is French artist Alice Daquet. This is her third release, following up two EPs on Tigersushi, called No. 1 and No. 2. Most of the songs are vocal-based, with words in French.

As with her earlier EPs, Marc Collin of Black Strobe and Volga Select appears on the disc, though this time he didn't produce the record (she did).


title:: You'll Never See Your World Again
label:: Mechanoise Labs

Stelladrine is the work of music artist Tirdad from Paris. His recordings sit closest to the NYC punk/electronic pioneers Suicide.

You'll Never See Your World Again includes peices with 50s American Sci-Fi movie dialog, theremin, sampled sounds, field recordings, ambient drones, and pulsing electronics.