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January 11, 2006

David Bowie

title:: Bowie at the BEEB: The Best of the BBC Sessions 68-72
label:: Virgin

In this 2-CD collection of unreleased BBC recordings of David Bowie's infancy as a solo aritst, Bowie at the Beeb, you hear the BBC in-studio performances of his music from 1968-72.

All the image is stripped away of the flash and what is left behind is a group of dedicated musicians in a studio executing and recording their craft.

I Like It, Vol. 2

various artists
label:: Compost Records

It's been quite awhile since the first I Like It compilation came out, so long I wondered if they were planning to follow up what was a unique idea at the time.

This time around the Compost label asked 4 more people - Trevor Jackson (of Playgroup and Output Recordings fame), Stefan Betke (aka Pole) Richard Dorfmeister (from Kruder & Dorfmeister), and DJ-duo Trickski from Poland - to pick 3 tracks that are classic, unique or favorites.

Montgolfier Brothers

title:: All My Bad Thoughts
label:: Vespertine & Sons

RPM Quigley and Mark Tranmer are back with a new work, All My Bad Thoughts, which brings them back into familiar territory.  This is a stunning meditation on infidelity and existence. 

The album unfolds over the course of ten tracks, telling the end of a relationship, dwelling on the period after it, reassessing life as it becomes precious. 


title:: Eat Books
label:: Fine Records

Tiefschwarz always had a way of making other peoples music sound hyperreal, but sadly their attempt at their own version of the hyperreal sound on their own album doesn't hold up as well as their remixes for others.

For starters, the album is plagued with the most common ailment of the modern electronic album: too many collaborations. Too many collaborations means, the album never really gets a sound you can latch onto.