gullbuy music review

April 5, 2005

Boys Noize

title:: The Bomb!
label:: International DeeJay Gigolo Records

The Bomb! is a driving, bass heavy track with pulsing repetitive synths, a rhythm that never lets up except when the bass and synths are left to pull the energy to the buildup.

Boy Neu has the sound like I've heard this track before, but I think it's just its way of telling me it's a classic song. It's a more subtle song, with a more laidback rhythm, sliding bass motif and memorable keyboard melody.

Dave Clark

title:: What Was Her Name?
label:: Skint

What Was Her Name? was the first single from Dave Clarke's Devil's Advocate album.

Even though this is a Dave Clarke single in fact and in name, any fans of Chicks On Speed need to own this, as it contains 4 mixes of an excellent track that could have been on any Chicks On Speed record.

The Fall

title:: Masquerade
label:: Artful Records

Masquerade was a song on The Fall's 1997 Levitate album. The Masquerade 10inch has 2 mixes plus the original track.

In the mid- 90s The Fall were in their "techno" phase, considered a low point by most fans of the band. This 10inch shows that with slight re-construction, The Fall had a powerful sound even then and could write excellent tracks.


title:: Let No Man Jack
label:: International DeeJay Gigolo Records

The fourth single released from Hell's NY Muscle album which was originally released in late 2003 (and has recently been reissued).

Unlike most singles of this sort, both tracks are worthy, making this a must for DJ Hell fans.


title:: Era EP
label:: Soul Jazz Records

The A side is called Tranzit and was the more basic of the two tracks. It sounds like if Cabaret Voltaire had gone breakbeat, with a political sample of some sort

The B side evolves in a dub-tech fashion that makes for very evocative listening, and while it's more subtle and elastic, it's also less cliche than Tranzit.

So Young So Cold: Underground French Music 1977-1983

various artists
label:: Tigersushi

This well-constructed compilation, is significant not only for opening up these sounds to a larger audience but also for putting a definite perspective on a music scene that was all too short.

The first half of the disc the instrumentation is sparse, consisting of drum machine or keyboard and vocals primarily. By the end of the disc the tracks get more (analog) synthesizer oriented and denser in construction.

Veronica Lipgloss and The Evil Eyes

title:: Strip Mall Glass
label:: GSL

Musically, Strip Mall Glass sounds like 45 Grave, with a touch of Bauhaus and electroclash (the synth).

The vocals sound like a female version of Perry Farrell in Jane's Addiction. But 45 Grave remains the closest comparison.