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Era EP


Soul Jazz Records


Rekid 12inch coverRekid is Matt Edwards (member of both Radio Slave and Trendroid) and the Era EP is his second release under this name (the first being the Lost Star 12 inch on Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon's Classic label). The Era EP is the 6th release on the Soul Jazz sublabel called Microsolutions To Megaproblems (with other releases in this series from Kit Clayton, Sutekh, AmmonContact, Kid606 and A. Greenman). This EP follows up on the others in a fine style.

The A side is called Tranzit and was the more basic of the two tracks. It sounds like if Cabaret Voltaire had gone breakbeat, with a political sample of some sort (that honestly didn't make much sense to me, but isn't intrusive). The AA side worked much better for me. At 8 minutes long, Diamond Black is able to evolve in a dub tech fashion that makes for very evocative listening, and while it's more subtle and elastic, it's also less cliche.

---Patrick, April 5, 2005