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Let No Man Jack


International DeeJay Gigolo Records


Hell  12inch coverThe fourth single released from Hell's NY Muscle album which was originally released in late 2003 (and has recently been reissued), the Let No Man Jack 12 inch has two remixes from Dave Clarke and Busy P Stotter (Pedro Winter & Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk).

Unlike most singles of this sort, both tracks are worthy, making this a must for DJ Hell fans. Here's hoping Let No Man Jack gets the lush treatment the previous single received, when Listen To The Hiss had a handful of mixes released.

The original version of Let No Man Jack from NY Muscle is a straight up techno track with the added element of industrial vocals. The two mixes on this 12 inch have perfected the rhythm track in each case and streamlined the vocals to only the key elements to a point where I like each remix version better than the original.

The mixers have taken the best parts of the tune and worked it really well with the only downside being that the Dave Clarke version (a cooking mad hard techno version) fades out at 5 and a half minutes when the original version goes for a full 8 minutes.

The Busy P Stotter mix is more of a breakbeat tech version, but it works equally well, and again is shorter than the original version at 6 and a half minutes (but this time the shortness doesn't seem as much a problem).

---Patrick, April 5, 2005