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Boys Noize


The Bomb!


International DeeJay Gigolo Records


Boys Noize 12inch coverBoys Noize is a duo that consists of Boy Neu and Noize Boy and this 12 inch on International Deejay Gigolo Records is their first release together. There are two tracks here called The Bomb! and Boy Neu.

The Bomb! also appears on the 2 cd set compilations International Deejay Gigolo Records CD Eight and U60311 Compilation House Division Vol. 3. But if have either of these compilations, I would say this 12 inch is still worth picking up because not only is the a-side worthy of making it in the compilation slot, the b-side is even better. It would be a shame to lose this b-side along the way.

The Bomb! is a driving, bass heavy track with pulsing repetitive synths, a rhythm that never lets up except when the bass and synths are left to pull the energy to the buildup. It trucks along for a good 7 minutes.

Boy Neu has the sound like I've heard this track before, but I think it's just its way of telling me it's a classic song. It's a more subtle song, with a more laidback rhythm, sliding bass motif and memorable keyboard melody. I found myself coming back to Boy Neu more than the more in your face The Bomb! but both are excellent tracks.

---Patrick, April 5, 2005