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Chicken Lips Body Music: nite:life 015


Chicken Lips Body Music: nite:life 015



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Chicken Lips Body Music CD coverChicken Lips Body Music is a mixed compilation of current artists playing beat heavy tracks.

Chicken Lips are Andy Meecham and Dean Meredith. This was their first mix compilation. It came out before their DJ Kicks mix. Body Music is part 15 of NRK's nite:life series.

The are a few tracks that interested me before even hearing the record. Kelley Polar Quartet are a Brooklyn based band that record for Morgan Geist's Environ Records. Hammer/Anvil has lots of disco styled strings and a warm sound.

Spektrum is a band that never seems to get much notice, though they have a good sound and some good songs. Fallen is a remix of the song Freefall from their Enter the Spektrum full length. Spektrum seem to benefit from remixers. The mixes Tiefschwarz has done for Spektrum are considered by most (including me) to be Spektrum's finest work. The mix on this disc is pretty fine too.

Crazy Penis is a band from Manchester with a strange name, but some great songs. They have three records out: The Wicked Is Music, 24 Hour Psychedelic Freakout, and pap100 - the best of Paper Recordings (they mix disc 2 of this label comp). All their records are pretty good.

I had never heard of The Fader Flippers, but thier track The Angel Centre is one of my faves on this comp.

NRK is not a label I usually buy records from. Usually their stuff is not very cutting edge. However, with this disc and the Rolando nite:life 016 disc they have a couple of winners.

---Carl, February 8, 2005