gullbuy music review

February 8, 2005

Chicken Lips Body Music

various artists
label:: NRK

Chicken Lips Body Music is a mixed compilation of current artists playing beat heavy tracks.

NRK is not a label I usually buy records from. Usually their stuff is not very cutting edge. However, with this disc and the Rolando nite:life 016 disc they have a couple of winners.

Electric Pop 2

various artists
label:: MOFA

Electric Pop 2 is a very engaging compilation that came out in 2003. Most of the songs are vocal based.

Like its predecessor, it is a double CD set that includes many of the big names as well as well chosen examples of lesser known artists.

Kickin Records presents No Wave

various artists
label:: Kickin' Records

An unfortunately named compilation that is zero percent no wave, but is about 70 percent good for modern punk/funk dance.

I like this compilation because it is not what it appears at first glance. Looking at the names of the artists, you probably would not make much of an attempt to hear it, but the fact is that this comp has lesser known version of the name brand tracks.


title:: Golden Lights Special Edition
label:: RPM

An expanded edition of the 1993 Twinkle Golden Lights collection, RPM has not only brought a great lost singer back into the light again but they've also helped tie up some loose ends as they show just how important Twinkle's recordings were with the added addition of more tracks.

Including the original 17 songs that appeared on the 1993 disc. To round out this expanded version, RPM has included footage of Twinkle singing Terry live at the 1965 NME Poll Winners concert.