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Quando Quango


Pigs + Battleships




Quando Quango CD coverQuando Quango were a band that put out seven 12inch singles, one 7inch and one full length. This in itself separates them from most bands, who release albums and singles, with maybe one or two 12inch singles for the clubs. Quando Quango were a club band, and their music is good to dance to.

The liner notes point to Mike Pickering's knowledge of soul disco, reggae and pop as significant to the Quando Quango sound.

Bass player Barry Johnson later went on to join Aswad, so the reggae connection to Quando Quango is very real.

Percussionist Simon Topper joined Quando Quango after leaving A Certain Ratio, who also had a sound heavily influenced by NY underground disco.

New Order's Bernard Sumner had lots of influence by enticing keyboard/vocalist Hillegonda Rietveld to buy a Roland 808, and through his production (along with ACR drummer DoJo) of the band.

The band started out as a Dutch band in Rotterdam, then later moved to Manchester and became involved in the dawning of the Hacienda era.

This CD includes the original Pigs + Battleships album plus five bonus tracks from their singles. The remix of Love Tempo (one of the bonus tracks) is darned incredible, as is Go Exciting. But basically, the whole CD is pretty fine, and this is a disc I would recommend checking out.

---Carl, December 12, 2005