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Healing is Difficult


My Brothers Keeper


Sia CD coverSia Furlong may forever be remembered as the gal who sang the Zero 7 song Distraction, but in her homeland of Australia she has two solo albums out, and one of her songs (Breathe Me) was a single, and highlight of, the second Six Feet Under (US cable show) soundtrack 'Everything Ends.'

Healing is Difficult is her first solo record. It was released in April 2002. Her second record 'Colour the Small One' was released in April of 2004.

The record opens up with Fear, which I think is the best track on the disc. Her tough urban style is kind of like Lisa Mafia of So Solid Crew. The music has beats, and Sia has a slurred delivery that removes this record from the chilled sounds she is know for from her work with Zero 7.

---Carl, December 12, 2005