gullbuy music review

December 12, 2005

Uri Caine / Bedrock

title:: Shelf-life
label:: Winter & Winter

Shelf-life maintains a sense of humor throughout. Even the song titles, some political in nature, make you laugh--Wolfowitz in Sheep's Clothing, and Strom's Theremin--as does the bright pink album packaging, with an image of three pairs of legs in mid-jump, playing volleyball.

This album will appeal to you whether you're a hardcore jazz fan or an electronic music buff. Uri Cane/Bedrock strikes a good balance between "real" instruments and electronics, and the result is an impressive and well-crafted album.


title:: The Sights and Sounds of Esquivel!
label:: Bar None

The music on this CD is primarily a collection of vocal-driven songs that too often lack the appropriate dosage of “Esquivel concentrate.” The organ is prominent, and adds a strong character to the record I was not used to on previous Esquivel records.

The record gives a glimpse of what the man was like in real life (keep in mind though he had his performer face on during the recording). You may enjoy his anecdotes, even if they are somewhat hokey (such as on Delta Dawn). Perhaps it gives an insight into Esquivel’s true personality.

The Orchids

titles:: Lyceum, Unholy soul, Striving for the Lazy Perfection
label:: LTM

For cracking good pop you can't do much better than the Orchids. The classic Sarah Records band has finally come back into the picture for Act II. James Neiss's Les Temps Moderne (LTM) label just reissued all of their old releases.

It is so good to hear their songs on CD with all of their non-album tracks in one place. There are too many good songs are on each of these releases to do without one.

Quando Quango

title:: Pigs + Battleships
label:: LTM

Quando Quango were a band that put out seven 12inch singles, one 7inch and one full length. This in itself separates them from most bands, who release albums and singles, with maybe one or two 12inch singles for the clubs. Quando Quango were a club band, and their music is good to dance to.

This CD includes the original Pigs + Battleships album plus five bonus tracks from their singles.


title:: Healing is Difficult
label:: My Brothers Keeper

Sia Furlong may forever be remembered as the gal who sang the Zero 7 song Distraction, but in her homeland of Australia she has two solo albums out.

Healing is Difficult is her first record. It was released in April 2002. Her second record Colour the Small One was released in April of 2004.


title:: Nite Versions
label:: PIAS

The Soulwax brothers are best known for their 2 many djs and hang all djs radio shows where they plunder the history of music for a creative hybrid mix of the best in old and new music moments.

Since the Nite Versions source material was an uninspired album to begin with, it's not surprising that the end result is still uninspiring. Too often the mix treads water while the electronics and rhythms pump away searching for that great musical moment that just never comes.

Scott Walker

title:: Classics & Collectibles
label:: Universal

a reissue of the rare Scott Walker recordings from the late 1960s and early 70s that until now have never been issued on cd (even with the In Five Easy Pieces box set released last year).

Those rare recordings include the albums Scott Walker sings songs from his TV series (1969), The Moviegoer (1972) and Any Day Now (1973) and some earlier Walker Brothers material.

Who Made Who

title:: Who Made Who
label:: Gomma Records

WhoMadeWho are the Danish punk/funk disco/punk trio Tomas Hoffding, Jeppe Kjellberg and Tomas Barfod.

The Who Made Who sound is built on a Gang of Four guitar foundation, with vocals like Eric Clapton in Cream, finished by a disco bass/drum rhythm wrapping.