gullbuy music review

June 29, 2004

Bruce Haack / Dimension 5

title:: Dance Sing and Listen with Miss Nelson & Bruce
label:: King Record Co. (Japan)

Released in 1963, Dance Sing and Listen was Bruce Haack and Ester Nelson's first record for children. Bruce and Ester recorded Dance Sing and Listen on an $8.00 microphone in Bruce's apartment. They named themselves after the dimension for the imagination that Rod Serling mentioned each week in his introduction to The Twilight Zone.

The music is bizarre and fun. You will enjoy listening to it even as others ask you what the heck you are playing and why are you playing it?!

Karminsky Experience

title:: The Power of Suggestion
label:: Eigtheenth Street Lounge Music

Karminsky Experience is the duo James Munn and Martin Dingle. They made a name for themselves through the 2 compilations they released on Deram Records, 1996's In-Flight Entertainment and 1997's Further In-Flight Entertainment.

The records they culled from "Milanese street markets, dusty basements and Moroccan bazaars" have all been used effectively to produce a solid disc that has many highlights.

Sir Alice

title:: No. 1
label:: Tigersushi Records

My first impression was that this sounded like it should be on Bpitch Control., and would sit well alongside the works of Sylvie Marks. Then I started think of the Mitek artist Sophie Rimheden, but (despite the photo on the cover) Sir Alice is more human than she.

On the flipside, Princess is a long track with a very experimental feel in the music, almost like SF duo Crawling With Tarts. There are childlike calliope melodies, and tape manipulation of other recorded music, plus passages with her almost crying.


title:: Enter The Spektrum
label:: Playhouse Records

To place Spektrum in a nutshell you could say they sound like ESG with Nina Hagen singing.

Even though the band plays live and uses traditional stringed instruments and drums (along with electronics), Gabriel Olegavich’s music sounds digital clean, with the Jah Wobble/PIL fat bass sound that Playgroup recreated in 2002.