gullbuy music review

May 18, 2004

Buff Medways

title:: 1914
label:: Transcopic

The Buff Medways third album which Billy proudly proclaims "there's no progression at all from the last record."

I like 10 of the 12 songs on this record. That is a super good average! Billy Childish is an amazing artist. Like Mark E. Smith with The Fall, he has kept producing music with 100% of the integrity of his early work, and has even surpassed his own high points time and time again. This album is a Billy Childish high point once again.

Fabrice Lig

title:: Roots of the Future
label:: RayGun

Fabrice Lig is best known for his work as Soul Designer, but he has also put out a mad amount of 12 inch singles and a few cds, so it's nice to hear this collection of singles and a new vocal track.

Roots of the Future is hard hitting techno and electronic tracks which hark back to the sounds of Detroit while still remaining true to modern sensibilities.

The Room

title:: No Dream
label:: LTM

Liverpool (1979-1985) - This is the first CD release ever from the Liverpool band THE ROOM. All of their releases were pressed via the band’s own ‘box’ label on cassette or on their friend’s label ‘red flame’.

THE ROOM is a band that seems to have slipped through the cracks. Their new complilation, NO DREAM, exquisitely chronicles the transition from post-punk to indie-pop throughout its releases.

Tom Verlaine

title:: Flash Light
label:: Collector's Choice

Flash Light was Tom Verlaine's third solo record after Television broke up. It originally came out in 1987 on Police drummer Stewart Copeland's label I.R.S. Records in the US and Fontana overseas.

Flash Light is an understated record, with no obvious hits hidden between its sleeves. While this is not my favorite Tom Verlaine record, I would tell anyone who likes his music to buy it without thinking twice.