gullbuy music review

May 11, 2004


title:: Plastic Love Memory
label:: Water Music Records

'Plastic Love Memory' is a US release of a disc that was released overseas in 2002. 6 of the 15 tracks on 'Plastic Love Memory' were originally heard on another import collection 'Rare Tracks & Remixes' from 2002.

De-Phazz have a distinctive sound, and it has always been a joy to turn music fans onto them. This disc has remixes that do not interfere with the lyrical quality of De-Phazz records. This is a great intro to the band, or a solid purchase for people who already like them.


various artists
label:: RPM Records

This is a bunch of bands that connect the Glam sounds of The New York Dolls, Sparks and Mott The Hoople and punk bands like Joy Division, The Sex Pistols and The Vibrators and even influencing the later years of Brit Pop and bands like Pulp.

Glitterbest is much less novelty and one-offs like Velvet Tinmine was, and much more rocking solid bands trying to find a place in a time not yet their own.


title:: Bleux
label:: Mental Groove Records

Lump is electronic music artist René Desalmand. This is his second 12inch on Mgltd, an imprint of the Geneva label Mental Groove records. He also has a 12inch on Karloff Records.

Many sounds make appearances in these tracks, and none of them appear stuck in without reason. I'll bet it would be fun to talk with him and find out the story of some of the source material he used mixed in with his electronics on this 12inch.

Ivan Smagghe presents Death Disco

various artists
label:: Eskimo Recordings

This record combines 2 of my favorite music forces: Belgium's Eskimo Recordings (home of the Glimmer Twins) and Ivan Smagghe (Black Strobe, Volga Select, Clashcorner).

'Ivan Smagghe presents Death Disco' is not an 80s comp or a disco comp - it is just the name he chose for this collection. Some of the stuff is a bit old, some is new, but none were chosen for that - everything was chosen as pieces in a puzzle put together just for Eskimo.