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Fantastic Plastic Machine


Why Not?




Fantastic Plastic Machine CD5 cover'Why Not?' is a twenty-one minute 4 song EP featuring a song that appears on the 'Too' full length, which (sadly) remains a Japanese-only release a year after it came out.

Fantastic Plastic Machine is Tomoyuki Tanaka. He has released some outstanding records in the six years since his first album appeared on Bungalow Records. He always appears to be a step ahead of what people expect him to do, which has had a poor effect on his ability to sell records, at least here in the states. The last record of his to be released in the US was his 2001 album 'Beautiful' on Emperor Norton Records.

Since then he has released six full lengths! There was 'Contact' (a remix album based on 'Beautiful'), the 2003 album of new material 'Too', 'Zoo' (a remix album based on 'Too'), the best-of record 'Les Plus', and two mix compilations, 'Sound Concierge #401' and 'Sound Concierge #402'. All of them are completely great in my book.

Why Not? is a upbeat pop song with vocals by Yamamoto Ryohei. His voice has the kind of clipped effect Daft Punk use, like Erlende Øye used with both Röyskopp Poor Leno and DJ Hell Keep On Waiting. A dub version of Why Not? was on the French 'Kitsuné Love' compilation.

Philosophy is an instrumental with a Steely Dan feel, due to the Walter Becker jazz/spazz guitar licks. I like the track a lot. the disco beat is faster than a usual dance beat, and the whole thing really cooks. It reminds me of Yukihiro Fukitomi a bit.

Never Ever is a disco instrumental with violins that remind me of Dexy's Midnight Runner Come On Eileen . The strings and heavy duty disco feel might make you think of the Kelly Polar Quartet, whose members play strings on Metro Area songs. Kelly Polar Quartet have excellent material out on Morgan Geist's Environ Records. Never Ever is r eally a winner if you like this sound!

The EP ends with Why Not? (The finest Dub). I'm not sure if this is the same version as appears on 'Kitsuné Love', but I think it is. Basically, it is an instrumental version of Why Not?

---Carl, March 23, 2004