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November 30, 2004

Fabienne Delsol

title:: No Time For Sorrows
label:: Damaged Goods

Debut solo album by the singer of The Bristols. As with her work with The Bristols, it's only the stray cover tune which isn't the best choice that brings this release down a tad.

The handful of originals written by George Miller add to the laidback beat influenced sound lend themselves to Fabienne Delsol's vocal style. Anyone who may have enjoyed The Bristols sound back in 2000 and 2001 will enjoy this debut album by Fabienne Delsol, but it remains to be seen if she really ever will truly come into her own.

Gommagang Zwei

various artists
label:: Gomma Records

Gomma have been releasing two kinds of releases in the past few years. On the one hand they've released compilations of obscure 80s music like on the compilations Anti NY , Teutonik Disaster Volumes 1 & 2, and Downtown 81, and on the other they've released their own music like Leroy Hanghofer White Trash or Headman's It Rough.

What makes the Gomma compilation Gommagang Zwei work so well is they are able to combine these two sides of the label in a summation of their work from 2002/2003.

La La Love You Pixies!

various artists
label:: Dusseldorf Records

La La Love You Pixies! is a Swedish tribute record to the recently reformed Boston band the Pixies. Its release is especially timely, as the Pixies are in the midst of a giant tour. Most people seeing the band on this tour have never had the opportunity to see the band before.

All the cover versions on this disc are performed with love, and all are decent, though (of course) none equal the brilliance of the originals they are based on.


title:: No Fantasy
label:: Waveform Records

Registrators are a 1977 style punk rock band from Japan that have been releasing records for almost 15 years.

No Fantasy is a 7 song EP that sees the band playing guitar based punk power-pop that reminds me of 1978 bands like The Boyfriends or Speedies or post NY Dolls bands The Idols, Corpse Grinders , or Criminals.