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Real Intelligence IV


Real Intelligence IV


Rather Interesting

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Real Intelligence IV CD coverReal Intelligence IV collects together the best music that's come out on Uwe Schmidt's Rather Interesting label between 1999 and 2002.

The compilation includes works by Dos Tracks, Erik Satin, Los Samplers, XXX, Bund Deutscher Programmierer, Midisport, The Disk Orchestra and the Roger Tubesound Orchestra.

Uwe Schmidt really came into his own with these releases, going light years ahead of his work from the mid-1990s. Since the cds he releases are always released in limited editions, the Real Intelligence series of compilations is a great way to sum them up. Also included are 4 unreleased bonus tracks which augment this compilation with some extra Uwe Schmidt music.

Uwe Schmidt has been able to combine the best in German glitch experimentation with the rhythms and sounds from his new home in Santiago, Chile. The end result is both enticingly on the edge and full of a ratcheted up amount of soul and humor. And it's that combination of German technology and South American rhythms that are the mainstay in the Rather Interesting sound.

It's interesting to note just how easily this compilation flows from track to track even when there is a jump cut in style. Uwe Schmidt, of course weeds out the weaklings by releasing albums with 99 tracks (like the Disk Orchestra album), including Chilean rappers (like Tea Time, on the XXX release), or simply by starting this disc out with a minimal electronic track (the compilation opener Waiting for the Host by Dos Tracks).

You know things are upside down when one of the catchiest songs is the bonus unreleased track Space Bossa (credited to Real Intelligence IV - but really should be Real Intelligence). You also know that Uwe Schmidt has gone out of his way to truly include the best from artists like The Disk Orchestra by including the best moment from that disc which is a glitched out mix from Johann Strauss' Blue Danube. At 62 minutes and some change, you will not be disappointed with the Rather Interesting sound as found on Real Intelligence IV. And here's hoping Uwe Schmidt has many more Real Intelligence releases for the future.

---Patrick, November 23, 2004