gullbuy music review

November 23, 2004

The Carnival

title:: The Carnival
label:: Rev-Ola

The Carnival fit half way between the Sergio Mendes / The Fifth Dimension sound and the late 60s bubblepop girl group sound of The Four King Cousins, The Goodees, and The Rock Flowers.

The Carnival is where Burt Bacharach meets the sounds of Brazil. The band included original Brasil '66 members Jose Suares and Janis Hansen working with the in producer of the day Bones Howe, who had worked magic with the likes of The Association and The Fifth Dimension.

Crowdpleaser and St. Plomb feat. Selfish In Bed

title:: Rather Be
label:: Mental Groove

Mental Groove features much of its best work on their 12 inch singles, and this single with 4 remixes of Rather Be is no exception.

The Rather Be 12 inch features mixes by Scratch Massive, Thomas Brinkmann, and Gergm, as well as the original demo version.

The Go Find

title:: Over the Edge vs. What I Want
label:: Morr Music

The Go Find play gentle electronic pop music that in another era could have been singer/songwriter material, augmented by laptop electronics, giving the music a clean 90s feel.

Over the Edge vs. What I Want is a 4 song EP with two different versions of to songs. It is the first single from his recent Miami LP.

Real Intelligence IV

various artists
label:: Rather Interesting

Real Intelligence IV collects together the best music that's came out on Uwe Schmidt's Rather Interesting label between 1999 and 2002, including works by Dos Tracks, Erik Satin, Los Samplers, XXX, Bund Deutscher Programmierer, Midisport, The Disk Orchestra and the Roger Tubesound Orchestra.

A combination of German technology and South American rhythms that are the mainstay in the Rather Interesting sound.

Where Is Here

various artists
label:: Mental Groove

Mental Groove has been creating music perfect for the jetsetting record shopper: 12 inch singles you are actually happy to search out and find.

The Where Is Here compilation collects together a bunch of these exclusive Mental Groove product in case you find it hard to be the jetsetting record collector these days.