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The Go Find


Over the Edge vs. What I Want


Morr Music


The Go Find CD5 coverThe Go Find play gentle electronic pop music that in another era could have been singer/songwriter material, augmented by laptop electronics, giving the music a clean 90s feel.

Over the Edge vs. What I Want is a 4 song EP with two different versions of to songs. It is the first single from his recent Miami LP.

Over the Edge is an upbeat vocal track with the kind of 'boy from the mountain region living in the city' sound that both Trembling Blue Stars or Borneo & Sporenberg encapsulate.

The 'late night remix' of Over the Edge removes a lot of the structure and the vocals, and adds effects, giving it a Müm feel.

What I Want has a Field Mics feel to it, with harmony vocals and a soft, slightly sad feel. The acoustic guitar glistens, and the keyboards add atmosphere.

The Styrofoam 'perfect time remix' of What I Want plays like the standard version of the track, but the 'perfect time' lyric gets looped to add a spaciness to the track.

The Go Find is Dieter Sermeus from Antwerp in Belgium.

---Carl, November 23, 2004