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October 26, 2004

Avenue D

title:: Bootleg
label:: none

Avenue D are a duo (Daphne and Debbie) that rose to fame during the Electroclash scene of 2002 with their song Do I Look Like a Slut?

Bootleg is a self-released CD full-length that has 8 songs and clocks in at 26 and a half minutes. Five of the eight songs are so filled with expletives that you have no hope of ever hearing them on the radio, but many of the songs are really good.

The Buff Medways

title:: Merry Christmas Fritz
label:: Damaged Goods Records

Merry Christmas Fritz finds Billy Childish and his current band The Buff Medway's trading familiar ground, but - as usual - doing it in such style that the single is a joy to hear.

The B-side. Stille Nacht, is a German version of Silent Night recorded on wax cylinder just like the old old days


title:: No Sound is Heard
label:: Blast First Petite

t's about time Donna Matthews from Elastica created some new music. The sound of the music brings to mind a meeting of Krautrock simplicity and the muted female vocals of Pram.

Clocking in at just under 27 minutes, Klang's minimalist approach makes for a subdued but intriguing listen. The album sounds like a whole so that the best songs like Waiting, As It Is and Help Is on the Way seem to mutate into each other as the rhythm throbs through.

The Trip created by Saint Etienne

various artists
label:: Family Recordings

The Trip is a 2 cd set chock full of gems dug up from the vaults of Universal and is another excellent entry in this series (which also has compilations by Dirty Vegas, Tom Middleton, and Tim Love Lee).

Disc one centers its attention on the Serge Gainsbourg / Ennio Morricone / Lalo Schifrin slinky soundtrack sound with the soulful Motown and garage rock sound rather well. Disc two heads full long into psychedelic and soft rock territory.